Cultivating a life of health and joy by creating space for the words, the moments and the people that make each day honest and real.


This blog space is designed to give myself—and others—room to think, to be in process and to lean into each other and our Creator. We are all creatives, and no matter which stage of life we find ourselves in, we still have the desires within our souls to become the fullest version of ourselves. As a young, first-time mom, musician, writer, and newly-established chicken wrangler, here is where I process my relationship with the world in context with my relationship with Jesus.

I hope that you will be inspired to do the same alongside me. Our voices and our stories matter here in this moment, and our hearts are minefields of revelation and connection.


In January of 2018, our family of 3 (4, if you include our crazy Goldendoodle) moved out to a little white farmhouse on what we affectionately call The Mini Farm. A friend of ours gave us the perfect nickname: Martini Farmers. Not because we farm martinis—as fantastic as that sounds—but because we are still city-loving, people-gathering busy bodies that wanted to know how it felt to live with some open space and room to dream. It turns out that open space does the heart some good.

Follow the endless supply of stories as we renovate our farmhouse, host barn events, build out a garden, and enjoy the hard-earned, farm-to-table experience from our growing homestead.


For as long as I can remember, music and writing have been a part of me. I’ve considered it an honor to hold this weight as a creative human and an artist, and will always strive to cultivate the space needed to bring forth lyrical and melodic journeys.

In most of my adult life, I have been leading worship and writing music for the context of community—what a phenomenal thing.

I am beginning a new journey of my artistry and looking forward to producing more music to share with the world. Here on this page is where I share available music and will post music as it comes.

A healthy soul will define every other area of life: mind, body, connection and purpose. Becoming aware of the health and tendencies of our inner being in light of God, our creator, gives way for our presence in the world to become a whole and genuine expression of who we are becoming.

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To live this life in the wide open world with an open heart and an open door—that is the hope.